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Return Adviser

In the fast-paced world of pharmacies, efficiency and accuracy are critical success factors. Pharmacies, as critical hubs in patient care, must constantly seek innovative solutions to optimize their operations.


In a healthcare landscape where timeliness and efficiency are critical, N3PR's ReturnAdviser© enters as disruptor and game-changer in Pharmaceutical Return Industry and pharmacy operations. By automating the identification of drugs eligible for return and credit, it eliminates guesswork, enhances patient safety, reduces labor, maximizes the credit and optimizes inventory management. This is not just a software; it's a paradigm shift in how pharmaceutical returns are perceived and managed. ReturnAdviser© empowers pharmacies to deliver better patient care while simultaneously support their financial health. It's not just a tool; it's the future of Pharmaceutical Return Industry.

ReturnAdviser© offers a unique value proposition that is unmatched in the pharmaceutical return industry. The following are some of the key values:

Eliminating Guesswork

By removing the guesswork from the process of pulling near-expiry items, ReturnAdviser© ensures that every decision is based on specific manufacturer RGP algorithms, leaving no room for human error or oversight.

Streamlined Operations

ReturnAdviser© streamlines pharmacy operations by making them more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. This is not just a software; it's a transformational tool for the modern pharmacy powered by AI.

Comprehensive Solution

This software doesn't just address one aspect of pharmacy operations; it comprehensively tackles the pain points related to drug returns, compliance, patient safety, and inventory management.

Maximizing Profits

Through its precise timing of identifying inventory items to be pulled,  ReturnAdviser© directly impacts a pharmacy's bottom line by maximizing the credit worthiness of inventory items, minimizing waste, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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